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Fear. Part 2

My idea for the Fear assignment was to let the class ask me anything they wanted.  I’ve never really liked talking in front of audiences, especially about myself.  So I figured the best way to combat that fear was to let the class put me on the spot.  That being said, I was kind of disappointed with what happened.  My experiment ended up being kind of short because of the lack of involvement from the class, which was kind of a bummer.  I think I was only asked 5 or 6 questions, and a few of them were things like, “What’s your favorite color?”

I kind of felt bad afterwards, because nobody really seemed to get into it.  In all honesty, I thought I had kind of a cool experiment.  The day the project was assigned I came up with the idea while driving home and thought it was a good one.  I even debated not doing it because I was nervous of what would happen.  Maybe part of the problem was that I followed some pretty heavy subjects, so by comparison my project wasn’t as interesting.  I think if I were going to try and redo my experiment, I would try to maybe throw out some examples or something.  Maybe talk a little more about myself beforehand so there could be a starting point.  In retrospect just telling the class to ask me anything may have been a little much right off of the bat.


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